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RE: [IP] Hi Rise

Hi Bonnie:
I have already extended basal from 6 AM to 7 AM and that was what I was
thinking, to extend it to 8 AM and see what happens.  I don't want to extend
too far in AM because like I've said before, seems like my insulin has
delayed reaction.

I already have Pumping Insulin book and that's how I finally discovered
about predawn phen...when I kept asking my dr. about it she used to ignore

I am going to now extend to 8 AM and see what happens..that is the only
thing I can figure out is that it keeps on rising and also drives me nuts!!!

It's like it messes up the rest of your day if you have to cover a high that
shouldn't be there in the first place.

I don't have to worry about breakfast and increasing bolus since I don't eat
much for breakfast to speak of...usually less than 50 gr. carbs which most
of the time includes some sort of fruit...if I don't eat fruit, it is much

I'll let you know how I make out..thanks
Kathy B.
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