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Re: [IP] Insurance companies...love to hate them!

Not sure what your Utah Medicaid does, but mine here in CA has something called a "C-Pass" which over writes the formulary. I get my extra BG strips and had to get some meds from the C-Pass route.

Medicaid now pays for my pump and its supplies. I get my meds because I'm a B****y pest and don't take 'no'. I also sought the assistance of a Disability Liasion Officer at the local medicaid office.

Who said you couldn't use a mail order pharmacy? The Medicine shoppe and some internet pharms will take medicaid.  I was actually urged (By CalOPTIMA) to use a mail order pharm. as I cannot drive.

*I'M* sleepless because California transportation (CALTRANS) has decided to augment the offramps near my home and we have a full-tilt Heavy Equipment show just over the wall from my bedroom window. Heavy banging, Metal skips being filled with roud debris and HUGE trucks.... We'll be in this situ for many, many months.

Jenny Sutherland
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