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[IP] Insurance companies...love to hate them!

    It is now 3:00 AM in Utah. I have been up pretty much all night every
night for the last 1 1/2 months. I am on Medicaid, and they have refused for
that long to pay for my full prescription of Prevacid. They told me that 15 mg
is normal dose...30 high. Well I take 60. It is the only way to stay at least
halfway free of heartburn. I have severe acid reflux, and abnormal esophagus
opening (In fact I am going in this morning to have the tube rammed down my
throat again just so the insurance company can see what it looks like!) I also
have Gastritis, Gasteoporisis, and IBS (Talk about a heck of a digestive
    Why is it that insurance companies do not hesitate to pay for things that
don't really matter, but when it comes to medications that people need they
throw a tantrum like a 3 year old? It is like pulling teeth to get them to pay
for the necessities!
    I live in the mountains of Utah, 1 hour away from the nearest
pharmacy...17 miles away from the nearest small town...2 hours away from Salt
Lake City. It is very difficult getting medications especially cold insulin!)
and it is near impossible getting diabetic supplies. But do you think Medicaid
will let me use a mail-order company? Heaven forbid they should make life
easier for somebody! Especially somebody whose only income is what Social
Security Disability will pay (a measly $765) and the generosity of family
members. Thank god my parents let me still live with them! There is now way
that I could afford to live by myself (not that the doctors would let me!)
    Anyways...sorry to rant on.
    Sleepless in Utah.
Cherry...DXed-5/1990...pumper-10/1994...24 years old.
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