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Re: [IP] Re: Losing weight

 It is very hard.  Like Sharon said, cutting back on the carbs helps...a lot.
But it is not always enough. For example. My dr. put me on the Atkins diet
(Not for the weight, but for my bs...I am insulin resistant...I am on the pump
with a basil rate of 1.5, 2 shots daily of 15 units of N, and 30 mg of
Actos...besides a handful (literally!) of other medications.) I rarely eat
breakfast or lunch, and I usually each a small dinner. (My stomach cannot
handle anything else) And do you think I am losing weight? Not a chance! If
anything I am putting it on! It is a fierce battle. One that is really tough
and intimidating, but I never give up the thought of even losing 5 little
pounds. I commend all of you for fighting, and I congratulate all of you who
are winning!
Cherry 24 yrs, DX-5/1990, pumper-10/1994
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  <<Thanks for this info!  I've been exercising 20 a day,
  which brought a few pounds off, but not much before
  hitting a platue, so I will try increasing by 10.>>
  --- Sharon Brousseau <email @ redacted> wrote:
  <<Losing weight prior to the pump and after the pump is difficult. I lost
  pounds in two and a half years trying really hard. The weight loss is slow
but this is what I do: I slowly started cutting back on the carbs. >>
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