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Re: [IP] Reconnecting Quick Sets!!

The quickset have to have the triangles lined up and then you turn it 
clockwise till you feel a very slight click. (sometimes you may have to hold 
the ridges at the squeeze grip so you can feel the click).  It sounds like 
your are putting too much pressure on the connector which may cause it to be 
pushed down too much and not letting it sit properly to turn it - just use a 
very light pressure and you will find that it will be easier to turn and 
feel the click


>I have just switched over to the 'QUICK SETS'.  Is anyone else out there
>finding the quick sets very difficult to reconnect. Disconnecting is no
>problem but I can't seem to get them reconnected. It's been taking me up to
>an hour of fiddling to finally get it to turn. I also have a real mark left
>after removal of the set. I'm wondering if it's caused from fiddling with
>the sets to much when reconnecting.

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