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[IP] Reconnecting Quick Sets!!

This is forwarded from member Joanne Richardson
<<email @ redacted>>


I have just switched over to the 'QUICK SETS'.  Is anyone else out there
finding the quick sets very difficult to reconnect. Disconnecting is no
problem but I can't seem to get them reconnected. It's been taking me up to
an hour of fiddling to finally get it to turn. I also have a real mark left
after removal of the set. I'm wondering if it's caused from fiddling with
the sets to much when reconnecting.

Am I missing some little trick or secret to reconnecting? If anyone has any
advice, please let me know.

I'm thinking I may have to go back to the soft sets, although I like the
quick sets better except for reconnection. I'm getting really frustrated. I
really do not want to go back to the soft sets.

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