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[IP] Re: Losing weight

<<Good luck, it takes persistence! Sharon >>

This is so true, even non-D people have a problem with losing weight.  If 
that wasn't so, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and all the others would be 
out of business real fast.  While it's true that excessive insulin will 
cause weight gain, with the pump you should only be taking insulin to cover 
what you're eating.  So, if you eat less, you'll take less insulin.  I also 
agree that exercise (which is my personal shortcoming) will help too.  My 
daughter, who is non-D, has a problem with weight but she eats vast 
quantities of food.  I tell her if she'd just cut her portions in half, 
she'd probably lose weight, but it's always easier said than done.  And 
even though we don't always want to hear it, as Sharon said, it takes 
persistence and, I think, discipline to lose weight.  It's not an easy task 
for anyone.

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