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[IP] Re: Losing weight

Losing weight prior to the pump and after the pump is difficult. I lost 18
pounds in two and a half years trying really hard. The weight loss is slow
but this is what I do: I slowly started cutting back on the carbs. I know I
need some protein in the morning so for instance, I used to eat two slices
of bread (toasted) with cheese on it. Now it is one slice of bread. I don't
eat fries with my meal-say I want a hamburger at McDonalds-I eat a
cheeseburger with no fries. Supper, I watch my carbs too.  Exercising daily
is very important, twenty minutes a day just burns the excess stuff we ate
that day, Thirty minutes a day starts burning excess fat, forty minutes a
day helps burn excess fat and helps you lose weight. My diabetes ed person
told me the less food you eat, the less insulin you need (insulin can be a
fat receptor), the more exercise you do, the less insulin you need-it is an
unending cycle. It is really important to drink lots of water, eat fruits
and vegetables. I am not a fan of water, but I water down juice. Good luck,
it takes persistence! Sharon
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