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[IP] Re: glucometer elite upgrade

The number to call about the Bayer upgrade is 
1-800-265-8594.  After I sent the other note, I called
and tried to talk them out of requiring that I send
them an old meter.  I didn't get anywhere.  In fact,
the woman told me she was very surprised that I was
allowed to trade up from the Elite to the Elite XL. 
So - it depends on who you talk to.  Tell them that
your doctor requires PC connectivity, and that you are
going to switch brands unless they send you the meter.
 We all know they make the money on the strips, and
they will want to keep your business.  Exaggerate the
number of tests you do per day if you need to. 
Unfortunately, the cable from the meter to the PC
costs $30.  So it will cost you that much, unless your
doctor buys it.
--- The Kaddens <email @ redacted> wrote:
> funny you should bring this up. we've been using the
> glucometer elite for a little over 2 1/2 years, and
> have been very happy. our endo recently suggested
> switching to accutrend sensor (does anyone know of
> this one? not sure if available in the US) because
> he has the software for that, and would love to be
> able to see charts. i mentioned that if we got the
> XL, we could email him the charts. The time stamp
> would also be super useful with an active toddler
> when we dont always have time to record right away.
>  I was wondering if they'd upgrade me, especially
> since now on the pump, we are testing tons of times,
> especially at the beginning (i counted 19! the other
> day) and because our endo wants us to switch
> (nothing like a good threat!) meanwhile, i've been
> making super colorful graphs with colored pencils
> and highlighters. it is so much fun, how could i
> give it up :-)
> did you speak to just anyone at bayer? is there a
> specific department/name i should talk to? (and
> should i do it by email or phone)
> glad you got the XL!
> chanie

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