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[IP] Re: .bolus 8 vs 8

<<In a message dated 8/13/2001 11:19:24 PM Mountain Daylight Time, email @ redacted writes:

We had a scary episode tonight where my daughter (age 6) bolused 8.0 instead of 0.8 for her snack at bible school.>>

I agree with the others' comments about setting the max bolus value of the pump.  However, I'm also curious about something else.  Was this a snack that the whole bible school was having, or something special for your daughter?  If so, it sounds to me like some old injection therapy mindsets may still be at work.  A person on a pump shouldn't need to have between meal snacks, unless they want them.

IDDM type 1 - 32 years, pumping MM508 1 year
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