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[IP] glucometer elite upgrade

I am so excited, I had to share this.  I have been
using the Glucometer Elite Meter for years and years. 
I currently have two of them, but they are not the
current, XL version.  I decided that I would really
like to have the newer XL because it has a clock built
in, so that when you check the memory for previous
tests it shows you the date and time.  My meters don't
have that feature.  The XL also can upload to a PC if
you purchase the cord (which I did not do yet).
Because of postings on this list, I called Bayer, told
them how often I test (up to 10 times per day), and
that I really needed the XL.  At first they were not
going to give me one, because I am already using their
strips.  With a little prodding, he agreed to allow me
to 'trade up' - providing a send them one of my older
models.  I just got the new meter.  It has a wonderful
carrying case, much better, because it is smaller,
than the one that came with the old Glucometer Elite. 
It also has the microlet lancet device - which is very
compact.  I had lost one of them, so I am thrilled to
have another.
What's very interesting is the meter that they sent me
is in a special package with the words 'NO CHARGE
METER' all over it.  So they must do this often.
If any of you are using the Glucometer Elite, I
thought you might want to try to 'trade up' to the XL,
as I did.
By the way, does anyone have a used Glucometer Elite
cord that they no longer use and would sell for less
than the $30 Bayer wants?
Linda Bork

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