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[IP] Re: Alc after 1 yr. of pumping not too great

Yvonne wrote:
>  >I dont know if its too much to hope for, but our alc after 1 year of 
> pumping 
>  > was 9.2. 

If it's any consolation, my 16 y/o daughter's last A1c was 10.6. She was 
almost in tears when she found that out, since her A1c was never in the 10's 
since diagnosis, even when on MDI. Her first year pumping was in the 7 range 
and she was ecstatic. We're working on bringing her # back into range. For 
the most part, I think she's still afraid of going low when she's out with 
her friends, so she's let herself run higher.

Linda V.
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