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Re: [IP] stupid things doctors say

> The doctor who said not to worry about your son's A1C because "kids
> don't get complications" may have been dealing with outdated
> knowledge.  It used to be thought that complications happened about
> 20 years after diagnosis or onset of puberty, whichever came later. 
> I don't know how true or untrue this theory is.
It's B.S., heavy on the B

There is a young lady on the list with very leaky kidneys (almost 
1000 time normal) that has had diabetes only 6 years. My daughter 
18yo has been diabetic 7 years and she also leaks protein from her 
kidneys according to her most recent 24 hour urine test. I know 
another young woman who has already had laser surgery to both eyes -- 
she was 20 when she had it done the first time. I could go on......

Diabetes does not ask the age of the victim, it just does its damage.

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