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Re: [IP] Alc after 1 yr. of pumping not too great

In a message dated 8/14/2001 10:55:19 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> When Lily was your daughter's age, we went 
>  throught the same thing. Basal requirements moving around, periods of 
>  high insulin use followed by a decline, etc..... this went on for a 
>  couple of years then smoothed out. 

We're just beginning to see this with Katie . . . I have a hard time figuring 
out when I should actually change her basal or carb ratio -- because it seems 
like just when I get ready to, she goes back to normal . . . For example, 
when we were in Hawaii she had a 10 day stretch where it was obvious she was 
have a hormore surge at night -- she'd go to bed at 100-120 and sometime 
between 11 pm and  2 am she'd  go up to 200-275 and would need a corrective 
bolus 50% higher than usual . . . some nights she'd only need one bolus, 
sometimes the "surge" would last 4 hours . . . Then the night I finally 
decided to do adjust her basals, she stayed right around her bedtime number 
all night long, and has been since . . .  Any hints/rules of thumb on when 
you should consider changing things (instead of just testing frequently and 
doing corrections)???

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