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[IP] Re: weight

Ahhhh...my favorite subject and life long struggle!  I too, found that I
gained weight when starting the pump.  I also understand that this is not a
given and that some people actually lose weight on the pump (because they
aren't forced to eat when they don't want to, to treat lows etc).  At any
rate, I find that getting in better control (for me) means taking more
insulin and taking more insulin means extra weight.  I also find that it's
somewhat of a vicious cycle in that taking  more insulin makes me hungry!!!

I understand your frustration with your exercise program but DON'T GIVE IT
UP!  I also was on a walking program of 4 miles a day for 6 days a week and
after 6 months had gained 4 pounds.  But the walking has helped with blood
sugar control, energy levels and fitness so it's well worth keeping it up.
Back to the drawing board I set up a 1500 to 1800 calorie plan and included
protein at every meal.  Slowly slowly I was able to drop weight.  Now I'm
pregnant and in a month I have gained it all back from tightening control
even more and not counting calories (I know I should still be doing
that).But at least I know that losing weight on the pump is possible with a
calorie controlled diet (after all, the bottom line is calories in, calories
out). It takes monumental patience and persisistance but it CAN be done.  It
takes  extreme effort for non diabetics as well too of course.

kindest regards,
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