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Re: [IP] Alc after 1 yr. of pumping not too great

> Hi Group
> I dont know if its too much to hope for, but our alc after 1 year of
> pumping was 9.2. I was really frustrated. Of course, Eileens alc
> before pumping was 14, so it is an improvement, anyway. She is
> growing and I guess teens arent easy to control, we are now going
> thru periods where I'll have to raise her basals because of highs,
> and them lower them to what they were before after a few days. Has
> this happened to any other parents of teens?

Hi Yvonne,

Yes to your question. When Lily was your daughter's age, we went 
throught the same thing. Basal requirements moving around, periods of 
high insulin use followed by a decline, etc..... this went on for a 
couple of years then smoothed out. I have no idea if the same goes on 
for boys, perhaps it is a "girl" thing with hormones kicking in???

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