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Subject: Re: [IP] merck medco ice???? Keeping insulin potency per Joslin

      The info below is from this site:
      Helpful Hints in the Use of Insulin

      How is insulin stored?

        a.. Unopened bottles of insulin should be stored in the refrigerator
and are good until the expiration date on the box and/or bottle.
        b.. Bottles of insulin that you are using can be stored at room
temperature (59-86 degrees Farenheit) for about 1 month (28 - 30 days). The
strength of the insulin may be altered after that.
        c.. Do not use insulin after it has been kept at room temperature for
longer than a month.
        d.. Insulin should never be frozen.
        e.. Keep insulin bottle(s) away from direct sunlight or heat and in a
cool, dry place.
        f.. Avoid exposing the bottles to temperature extremes (less than 36
degrees Farenheit or more than 86 degrees Farenheit).
      Has my insulin gone "bad"?

        a.. Don't use Regular insulin or Humalog if it becomes cloudy in
appearance and / or is expired.
        b.. Don't use NPH or Lente insulin if it becomes clumped or
crystallized, or if the bottle becomes frosted, or if it is expired.
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