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[IP] Living Will???

Hi to all,
    Another option may be something called "A Durable Power of Attorney."
This is a legal document in which you designate one or more persons (can give
them all you wishes in writing with your sigature notarized as well as each a
copy of your living will), plus also an alternate if you choose, to make
decisions for you when you are no longer capable whether from physical or
mental reasons.  Even something as "simple" as a severe hypo where you may be
out of it, combative, and saying you don't want treatment.
    You can limit the scope of the allowable actions to just health care
decisions if you so wish, and the decisions are as though made by the
incapacitated person, but this document also can be used to allow the person
you chose to take care of financial matters.  This means the person can pay
your bills, deposit/tranfer funds as needed, etc.
    You can also make a provision which would allow them to sell property,
give gifts, if needed.  For those of us who are married, remember that if
there is joint (not an and/or) ownership of something, then if one of the
holders of the joint tenancy is incompetent, the other can't do anything
legally without lots of legal negotiating and lots of money being spent.  If
the incapacitated one holds property (even just an auto in his/her name only
or how about IRA's, 401K's where you sometimes have to make adjustments, need
to cash in bonds, etc) nothing can be done with it legally without such a
durable power of attorney (relatively inexpensive through a lawyer if allowed
where you live) or a guardianship (this cost several thousands of dollars to
get through the court and takes time).
    I know about this because of a situation many years ago where my wife had
to help take care of a friend who was dying.  Without the durable power of
attorney, necessary sale of property couldn't have been done as easily, nor
would the friends wishes re: health care have been honored.
    Just some food for thought since we all could end up disabled, out of it,
and need to have a trusted other help us.  Yep, I trust my wife to look out
for me, and to make sure I'm comfortable no matter what happens before the
last breath.
Mike M.
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] living will

Keep in mind that living wills are great to have around but if you are ever
in a state of being incompacitated and unable to make decisions for
your family or the doctor can and will make THEIR own decisions even if it
goes against your wishes in  your living will.  If you opt out to go DNR-do
not resuscitate (SP?) this goes against most MDs ways of thinking and they
can over look your wishes.  Just something to think about!
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Not true Sylvia. I personally deal with patients going their last mile on
Life's treadmill and always respect and obey their desires as do my
collegues. Ith your Living will says not to do something the nurses will see
to it that it is respected. Nurses make all the real decisions and tell the
doctors you shouldn't do this or that, the patient didn't want that. As far
as going against doctor's thoughts, the patient is supreme here not a
doctor's ego. Life is fragile and ephemeral. once the candle goes out, you
cannot just relight it. spot
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml