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[IP] Hi Rise

SNIP>>>Can't wait to hear if any of you have a solution to this 
problem.  Kathy B>>>SNIP

You will hear from many pumpers about this problem.  It is 
explained in the "Pumping Insulin" book as well (you can get it 
from the insulin pumpers web site).

Dawn Phenomenon is the official name for this rise in bgs upon 
waking.   My fasting bg from 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM will rise from 86 
to 230!  I have increased my basals from 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM to 
2.3.  The rest of the time it is .09.   It drives me nuts sometime.   I 
also double my normal bolus if I eat anything for breakfast..like 
yogurt would be 3 Units (with fruit in it) but for breakfast, I bolus 6.   
 Everyone is different so fast and test and you will figure out what 
to do.   Good luck. 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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