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In a message dated 8/14/01 10:08:18 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Not true Sylvia. I personally deal with patients going their last mile on
> Life's treadmill and always respect and obey their desires as do my
> collegues. Ith your Living will says not to do something the nurses will
> to it that it is respected. Nurses make all the real decisions and tell the
> doctors you shouldn't do this or that, the patient didn't want that. As far
> as going against doctor's thoughts, the patient is supreme here not a
> doctor's ego. Life is fragile and ephemeral. once the candle goes out, you
> cannot just relight it. spot
> >>

since we are talking about death
i just wanted to share an experience i had many years ago...
which changed my life,
and certainly made living with diabetes a lot easier in many ways....

upon entering the hospital room, minutes after the death of my grandfather
i experienced "the white light" "white tunnel" so many people, of so many 
different faiths (and non-faiths)  have described after "near death 
i was never particular strong in faith before this but i just want to let 
everyone know that there is something after here, and it is the most 
beautiful, joyful, and peaceful experience EVER!
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