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Re: [IP] merck medco ice???? - long

In response to Karen

Don't trust them - if the weather is hot as it was here in NY last week - no 
matter what the insulin will be bad and since we're pumpers it will take us 
a while before we realize that the insulin is bad and not the site or the 
absorption.  This happen to me last Thursday - I was using my last vial from 
Merck Medco that was shipped in May (received 2 replacement shipments then 
because of hot insulin and third time it was cooler out but still with no 
ice)- The insulin was good but my BS was a little high when I left it out 
for 1 hr in air conditioned room - I guess it finally lost the potency and 
my BS was high after a site, reservior and set change.  I bolused a 
correction bolus and it bought it down a little and creeped up again - so I 
corrected again and it bought it down to 180 and went back up - ok bad site? 
Changed site and same thing, then changed the whole thing again and gave a 
shot and was up all thursday nite. The new set and shot did the same BS was 
up and shot only bought BS down a little.  Now I'm into friday morning, high 
BS - must be insulin since the shot didn't do it and all the infusions set I 
changed looked good.  Fiday at 6:30 am changed everything with a new vial 
and gave shot with new insulin and had to go to work.  It still took it 
about 5 hours - and I said what the h--- I give up and decided to have lunch 
and bolused double the amount.  Then it went down finally and its been good 
since.  The problem is I may have had ketones which made it take a while 
before it came down.

Even though some had said Merck Medco is now shipping with ice packs - I 
filled my insulin at a local pharmacy for the safe side


>I live in LOUISIANA and I still can't convice Merck to ship my insulin
>on ice!!!  I was told by a rep that insulin is "tougher than we think it
>is" and will last in the heat as long as it is long term.  Maybe this
>rep's "theory", combined with my ignorance/trust, has been the cause of
>my elevated blood sugars of late.
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