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[IP] red bump solutions

>A bit of redness (actually, pinkness) is normal for Katie.  It usually
goes away after a few days.  Does your daughter complain of pain?  If
not, it may be okay

she doesnt complain of pain. sometimes, itchiness or a bit of pain maybe while
the site is in, but usually only after leaving in too long.(hard to tell when
she says it 'hurts' what that means. she's very verbal, but still 3 1/2.)

>We noticed a tremendous difference in the durability of an insertion when
we started putting down a tape before then one with a hole cut in it
after she puts in the Sil.  She usually changes every third day.

What kind of tape are you using?

pushing out her tummy when putting on the first tape is a good tip! we'll have
to try it, and it is good to get tips to know the best way to proceed.

Thanks so much! It is great to hear from other people and get suggestions, and
even just to hear about what is normal since we are so new at this!

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