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[IP] bolus 0.8 vs 8.0

We had a scary episode tonight where my daughter (age 6) bolused 8.0 instead
of 0.8 for her snack at bible school.  She wanted to be independent and
didn't want anyone being a "bodyguard watching over her shoulder."  I wrote
on her hand in  pen what she needed to bolus for her snack and gave her
glucose tablets for her pocket in case she should go low.  Unfortunately she
looked at the number upside down!  She took the 3 glucose tablets when she
began feeling low and the teacher gave her juice when she started shaking.
Luckily we arrived in time to start getting sugar into her system before she
passed out.  She said she "never felt so low before and was afraid she would
go to sleep and never wake up."  For three hours we had to feed her glucose,
juice, and sandwiches.  As much as she wants independence we realize she
needs adult supervision until she can understand the difference in values in
Barb Dame (mother of Lawren, age 6, pumping since 1/01)
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