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[IP] FW: higher b.g. after fbs

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From: kathy bruckmeyer [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2001 7:59 PM
To: Insulin Pumpers
Subject: higher b.g. after fbs

Hi all:
Have any of you had this problem and if so, how have you managed to fix it?

When I wake up my b.g. is pretty good at a fbs...About an hour or two later,
when I'm ready to eat breakfast, it elevates sometimes 30 pts. sometimes

I've changed my basal rates and that has greatly improved my fbg and it is a
raised basal due to predawn phen...however, it is perplexing me as to why it
would be raised two hours after I get up....  My basal set from 3AM to 7 AM
is .5 and I usually wake up at 6 AM.

I do drink my DECAF coffee with a drop of non dairy creamer which is equal
to less than 1 gr. carb. and take my levoxyl about a half hour after I wake
up but that's it.  I don't eat anything unless my b.g. is low when I first
wake up.

Can't wait to hear if any of you have a solution to this problem.
Kathy B.
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