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[IP] should I change

Today I went with my friend (a new pumper) to her CDE. She recommended she 
changing to Sil. after using the soft sets. Now my question. I have been 
pumping 20 yrs. this Sept. have used many types of infusion sets. I have 
been on the soft set for many years, before they even had the soft serter. 
I have not had any problems with the soft set since using the serter and I 
have good control. I am thinking of trying the Sil. though. Maybe just to 
break the boredom, I don't know. But in talking to her I thought they might 
be a good change. Have any of you "long-time" users switched from soft set 
to Sil. ?
Gail and I forgot to introduce my pump, Essence, but I call her Essie and I 
have a certified hearing dog, Glory.
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