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Re: [IP] Pumping for Children

Sylvia wrote:
Our endo does say
that as the child hits puberty and teens he expects to see lower A1C's in
6's but again not too low because of the risk of hypos in kids whose bodies
are already experiencing so much change going on.  As puberty/teens come to
close then he expects to have a person shooting for low 6's and maybe even
mid-range 5's.  This is just one endo's personal opinion ...

As the mother of an 18 year old son with diabetes, and the acquaintance of
many other mothers of children with diabetes, I think it is VERY unusual for
a child in the late teens to achieve an A1C on the 6's or 5's. Even with the
best of compliance, children going through puberty can have a great deal of
difficulty controlling their glucose levels this tightly. And, for the
average late teenager, compliance is not at the very top of their list of

It is nice to have high goals for your child, but you may be setting
yourself, and your son, up for a bitter struggle during his teen years.  Our
own pediatric endo has said that a goal of below 8.0 is realistic and
possible for teens. Many teenagers, even on the pump, doing frequent basal
checks, careful monitoring, etc, still have difficulty attaining that goal
all the time.

I have never known a teen to get 5's or 6's on a constant basis, though I am
sure many will post here and say they have. Statistically, even selecting
for the highly motivated teen, I would say it is HIGHLY unlikely.
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