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[IP] c-peptide

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 09:58:24 -0800
From: "Michael" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Type confusion

> Natalie:
> I spoke with a doc about the Medicare issue -- the supposed reason
> they deny pumps to Type 2's is because there is no evidence of
> better outcomes --
> Above is not true...I am Type I and had a horrible time of being
> able to get the pump approved via Medicare...If you take a CPeptide
> test and it comes out .5 or higher, they consider it that you are
> still producing insulin and therefore do not need the pump...
> I went through three C Peptide tests before I came up with the right
> number and I've been diab for 35 years...haven't produced insulin in
> all those years!!!

The C Peptide test is reportedly fairly crude and does not produce
particularly accurate results. The results you get vary from lab to
lab. If you are required to take this test, you may need to change
labs or do it several times to get "correct" results.

email @ redacted
- ----------------------------------------------------------
c-peptide tests are so irreproducable that carriers have different vaues for
each lab. I have had mine done three tomes over the last four years for lab
q-c purposes. the lab it was first done in, the VA hospital in the Bronx
reported it as 0.1, then later LabCorp reported it as 0.2, Finally quest
reported it as 0,2 again. it was never reported higher than 0.2 although my
diabetic cousin has type 1 diabetes, hers has been reported as high as 0.7
Medicare carriers use more than c-peptide tests for giving pumps. Look on
their web site for info. spot
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