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Re: [IP] Pumping for Children


  Our endo maintains that for someone at Josh's age (9.5) he does not really 
want to see an A1C much lower than 7.0 at this age because of the risk of 
hypos.  And we are currently using a target BG of 110 during the day and 120 
at bedtime. Actually, when we started his DM training 4 years ago we were 
told to target between 70 - 200.  But since being on the pump and having more 
control I have narrowed it down to where we are at now!   Our endo does say 
that as the child hits puberty and teens he expects to see lower A1C's in the 
6's but again not too low because of the risk of hypos in kids whose bodies 
are already experiencing so much change going on.  As puberty/teens come to a 
close then he expects to have a person shooting for low 6's and maybe even 
mid-range 5's.  This is just one endo's personal opinion but since we have 
TOTAL faith in this guy and he is highly respected in the medical community I 
really trust what it is he is saying and working towards.  So when Josh just 
had (in april) an A1C of 7.3% we were not too unhappy about that!

mom to Joshua
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