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From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] living will

Keep in mind that living wills are great to have around but if you are ever
in a state of being incompacitated and unable to make decisions for
your family or the doctor can and will make THEIR own decisions even if it
goes against your wishes in  your living will.  If you opt out to go DNR-do
not resuscitate (SP?) this goes against most MDs ways of thinking and they
can over look your wishes.  Just something to think about!
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Not true Sylvia. I personally deal with patients going their last mile on
Life's treadmill and always respect and obey their desires as do my
collegues. Ith your Living will says not to do something the nurses will see
to it that it is respected. Nurses make all the real decisions and tell the
doctors you shouldn't do this or that, the patient didn't want that. As far
as going against doctor's thoughts, the patient is supreme here not a
doctor's ego. Life is fragile and ephemeral. once the candle goes out, you
cannot just relight it. spot
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