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[IP] bill clinton - read and reflect on this

Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 20:58:42 -0800
From: "Jeanne M. Kabulis" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] My friend Bill

In the time-honored tradition of bestowing a name upon one's pump, I have
named my pump Bill after our dear former president Bill Clinton.  Although
he has been the object of much self-righteous antipathy lately (on this
list), I have been thinking more about the profound effect his presidency
has had on me.  Most of all, I recalled that day in 1996 when, in the Rose
Garden of the White House, he signed into law the bipartisan sponsored
Kennedy-Kassebaum bill that guarantees each and every one of us the right to
keep our insurance coverage when changing employers.  Previously, insurance
companies were not required to coverage diabetes and other pre-existing
conditions.  In fact, when I was first diagnosed just the previous year, BC
would not reimburse one penny until they had received confirmation from my
doctor that the diabetes was not a pre-existing condition.  While it is
still a far from perfect, I am also grateful for the Family and Medical
Leave Act.  Thank you, Bill!  Without you, my current employer would not
have been obliged to pick up the tab for my insulin and supplies, let alone
pay for an insulin pump.

I think it is important that we all think about the lasting and everyday
tangible effect a president (or any politician, for that matter) can have on
our lives, rather than stand in judgment with regard to his or her state of
moral rectitude.   Such issues concern his or her family and close friends,
not a salacious and voyeuristic public.  In my opinion (and, if we are to
believe the polls, of the vast majority of the Americans) President Bush
really missed the boat on this decision.  When given the choice between a
potential cure for a multitude of diseases or injuries and the trash can, he
chose the latter.  In so doing, he willfully ignored the decision of those
couples who had donated them.

Jeanne K.
- --------------------------------------------------------
most of us do not reflect on political decisionbs as Jeanne has. Instead we
ask the impossible of our legislators and become angry when they don't
deliver. Universal health care will be worth what you think you are paying
for it but it will cost us billions. Bush could not slap the face of those
that put him in office, the right to lifers, with a stronger position on
stem cell research. even the Pope was aggrieved by his decision. He doesn't
have the courage to say: "This is what we need." But your congressional
representative and senators can, let them know your position next time you
vote. and for g-d's sake people lets not be so Apathetic when election day
rolls around! Don't keep electing the same senile brain dead people to
congress. spot
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