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[IP] unexpected hospital visit

Well, I am about 20 digests behind right now, it's been too busy and too many 
things happening around here.
I did want to share about my weekend.  I had just found out last week I was 
pg and then Sat at 5 weeks I had a miscarriage.   From the ER to the holding 
room to the operating room for the D&C to the med/surg floor i was on 
overnight I had no problems with anyone doing anything about diabetes or my 
pump that I didn't want done.
I kept my pump on the whole time, I did my own blood sugars and corrected 
when needed the whole time except during the surgery and in the recovery 
room.  In the ER I was 48 at one point so my husband told the nurse and they 
gave me glucose thru the IV since i wasn't supposed to eat anything.  I was 
amazed at how cooperative they all were and that I didn't have to fight to 
keep my "pump rights".   They even brought me a breakfast that was 'regular' 
instead of a diabetic one and I thought sure i'd have had to fight them on 
that one.  Many nurses came to see my pump because they'd never seen one 
before or taken care of someone on their floor that had one.  I've a new 
respect and good feeling for this hospital.
Just wanted to share my hospital experience.  I thought since it wasn't 
preplanned it would be a lot worse about pump stuff but I was pleasantly 

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