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Re: [IP] Adhesives


  You saidyou tried Mastisol? I am wondering if, when using the Mastisol, if 
you fanned the area first, after applying the M. to allow it to get tacky 
before you applied set.?  The reason I'm asking is when my son first went on 
the pump, we, too, could not find anything to work.  And when I first started 
uisng the MAstisol I didn't know about allowing it to start drying before 
insertion  So Josh's sites were coming off after just a few hours sometimes!  
VERY frustrating.  But then I learned about fanning the area and letting the 
M. get sticky before insertion and now Josh can splash around in our hot tub 
for an hour and not even have the edges of his set. (MM Quick sets.  Sof-sets 
before that) come up!  It really made a HUGE difference!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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