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RE:[IP] My first A1c and my exercise question

   Congrats on that Awesome Ha1c.  You seem to be doing  about as well 
as you can do with your control.
As for the exercise question, there are many variables that need to be 
considered.  The intensity and duration of the exercise need to be known 
because this will effect how much body fat and/or glycogen will be 
released into the blood stream, which takes insulin to produce usable 
energy for the organs and muscle. I normally reduce my basal insulin for 
about one hour before exercise and keep it reduced through the exercise 
by about 33%.  Keep on trying and it will become easier to control your 
bg levels.  Keep a log showing all of your carb intake and insulin use 
and you should be able to find a solution that works for you.  If you 
lower your basal rate before exercise, you shouldn't have to snack 
before the workout.  If you exercise for a long period of time (over 1.5 
hours?) you will want to add some carbs to give you energy and prevent 
you from going low, but this will take practice on your part.  I know 
I've jumped around a bit I think it is better for you to stay on the 
pump during exercise, because you won't have a problem running high 
after exercise due to the fact that you have introduced no insulin for 
one hour and now have to get insulin back into the blood stream.  Good 
luck and keep up the good work.
Dave Sieperda
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