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Re: [IP] science fair help

In a message dated 8/12/2001 5:12:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> This is to Robin, Mom of Kevin 13, who was looking for an idea for a science
> fair project that Kevin could do.
>    I don't know if you would want to do this, but it may be more interesting
> for the other kids who DON'T have diabetes and never thought of it.
>   The idea being.... how about YOU taking your blood each time Kevin takes
> his and compare how a normal person's blood reads and reacts to food,
> compared to a diabetic. (It may be enlighting to some kids and they may
> realize what your son goes through).  I don't know if you would have to go
> as far as eating the same foods, but maybe eating the same amount of carbs.
> You could do this for a day or a week.  (I'd have to go for the day, because
> I could NEVER eat as much as my son eats). Or.... better yet, have him see
> if one of his good FRIENDS would do it with him. (Does he have a partner for
> the project?)  I guess he'd see how many REAL friends he has. Ha Ha! (I
> don't know if friendship between kids that age would go that far).
> Anyway... just an idea.
> Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9

 Good Idea I dont know what If one of those kids gets an infection or 
something Sounds like the making of a lawsuit.
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