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[IP] Something to ponder

I was wondering.....  How do they know, if the embryo that they are taking
stem cells from, is one that, if left alone(meaning actually being implanted
and becoming a person) wouldn't have developed diabetes sometime in it's
   Maybe another way of putting it is....if at the time any of you (or my
son) were an embryo and they took you (as an embryo) to use in stem cell
research and put those stem cells in someone else to cure their diabetes,
how would it work?  Would they be cured for (as in my son's case) 6 years
and then become diabetic again (He was 6 when he got diabetes) or what?  Do
they test the stem cells for whatever they test brothers and sisters of
diabetic people to see if they have a chance of becoming diabetic?
  I don't know if I'm making myself clear. It's hard to put this question in
writing so you can understand what I'm saying.
  In other words, how do they know if an embryo's stem cells are useable?  I
really haven't read enough on the subject to understand that part.
Dianne, Mom of Johnny 9
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