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[IP] science fair help

This is to Robin, Mom of Kevin 13, who was looking for an idea for a science
fair project that Kevin could do.
   I don't know if you would want to do this, but it may be more interesting
for the other kids who DON'T have diabetes and never thought of it.
  The idea being.... how about YOU taking your blood each time Kevin takes
his and compare how a normal person's blood reads and reacts to food,
compared to a diabetic. (It may be enlighting to some kids and they may
realize what your son goes through).  I don't know if you would have to go
as far as eating the same foods, but maybe eating the same amount of carbs.
You could do this for a day or a week.  (I'd have to go for the day, because
I could NEVER eat as much as my son eats). Or.... better yet, have him see
if one of his good FRIENDS would do it with him. (Does he have a partner for
the project?)  I guess he'd see how many REAL friends he has. Ha Ha! (I
don't know if friendship between kids that age would go that far).
Anyway... just an idea.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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