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In a message dated 08/11/2001 9:29:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< What's up with this Freestyle meter?  I have heard lots of people 
 it and recommending it.  
The Freestyle meter is an alernative sight meter which allows you test other 
places besides the finger. These meters are great for those of us that have 
to test so much throughout the day. You can get alot more info at the website 
for them, Lifescan.com.  I have been using one called "At Last" by Amira, 
since March and even tho I have tried the Ultra and Freestyle I have 
repeatedly gone back to the AT Last because all the pieces are in one. You do 
not have to carry a lancing device with you because the At Last has a built 
in place for the lancet and it  uses pressure to bring the blood to the 
surface-NO PAIN involved. I notice Walgreens had a coupon for a free At Last 
one in today's paper, also. There is one meter out now that is even more 
sophisticated, but at the same time more expensive it is by Abbot Lab's and 
from what I understand is even better than the other three alternative sight 
meters. To find the one that best fits your need or comfort check out the 
coupons for the free meters or even call the company and see if they will 
send a free one to you. People on my diabetes board swear they don't pay for 
meters they get them sent to them free by the companies because they don't 
make money from meters only the strips.  As I said I have tried three and now 
stick to one at least until I can afford the new Sof Tac.
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