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[IP] help figuring out lows

i can't figure this one out and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts...

our 3 1/2 year old daughter started pumping 10 days ago. we've been having
trouble with lows at night, so we lowered her basal rate tonight from .1 to
.05  we also switched the site (we're using sils. it is in her tummy.)  at
about 8:30 pm. at 7:30  we bolused .7 (to cover 1 c. milk, 1/2 c. juice, and
some rice and beans.) at 8:30, when we changed the site, she was high, at 375.
at 9, she had a popsicle and was still at 365, so we bolused .8 .  (granted,
we havent worked out an exact carb/insulin ratio yet, but similar seemed to be
working the past few days, and when our endo instructed us to lower the basal,
he also told us to be more generous with bolusing.)

then she crashed -
10:45- 87
11:30 - 22 (drank 3/4 c. orange juice)
12am- 56
12:40 - 41 (another 1/2 c. juice)
1:30 - 68
1:45 - 63

could this have anything to do with the site change (it may be a little too
close to her belly button.)? could the bolusing from 5 hours ago still be at
any ideas?

thanks from a tired mom who just wants to go to sleep and instead is up
testing and hoping we dont run out of juice (though i think there is some
concentrate in the back of the freezer)

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