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[IP] basal increments

In a message dated 8/12/2001 3:34:01 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> the problem is she probably needs somewhere between the two...oh well. we'll
>  figure it out, i'm sure.  right now, she is only getting .05 basal. we 
> thought
>  we'd have to give up the pump day 1 when we saw .1 was too much.  setting 
>  to U50 allowed us this option, without changing anything else.

Am I understanding you correctly when I assume that you're using U100 insulin 
but the MM 508 allows you to "flip a switch" (figuratively speaking -- 
actually, I'd assume it's some thing you can modify in the software settings) 
so that the pump "thinks" you're using U50 -- or are you actually diluting 
your insulin with saline solution? (I've heard of a number of parents who 
have done this on shots & on the pump so they can give their little ones the 
really tiny doses they need).  As a side question -- How in the world did you 
manage to draw up the tiny insulin doses she must have needed on injections 
?!? That must have been tremendously difficult.

However you're managing it, it's great that you were able to able to solve 
that problem and keep pumping . . . It must be  incredibly difficult it is to 
manage diabetes with infants and toddlers (even preschoolers!).  I can only 
begin to imagine what it would be like trying to get my (non-D) three year 
old to eat on a schedule or to match insulin injections to the wide 
variations in activity levels and food intake that are perfectly normal for 
little ones . . . I'm sure there are unique challenges with pumping and 
little ones, but from what I can see, it would make things so much easier and 
less stressful than trying to do all that in the context of all the 
unpredictabilities that come with long-acting insulins . . . A thousand gold 
stars and triple brownie points to you and all the parents who care for the 
littlest ones with diabetes!

PumpMama to Katie (age 10.5 dx'd 11/00), Pumping happily since 6/1/01 with 
"Elvis" (Her Animas R-1000A)
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