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[IP] RE: science fair help

How about keeping track of the blood sugars of a nondiabetic AND a diabetic
in response to foods? So...someone in the family would have to do blood
sugar checks right along with your son but it would show how a normal
pancreas keeps the blood sugar within a fairly tight window as opposed to a
diabetic pancreas requiring exogenous insulin.


Have your son keep records about how he *feels* when he is having highs and
lows to see if there is a correlation between behavior and blood sugar.


Give a visual about blood sugar and how it affects the body. Someone on the
CWD list once did an experiment for a science fair with ketchup and sugar.
They had several plastic ziploc bags with the same amount of ketchup in
them. They added different amounts of sugar to each one to represent
different amounts of blood sugar. The one with the most sugar was the
thickest. This was supposed to show how high bgs can make you feel sluggish
because the blood is thicker with highs, etc. This could go along with the
idea directly above this one.

Just some thoughts. Have fun!

Take care, Kerri
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