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[IP] Re: cure for diabetes - President's Decison

> Call me cynical, but I don't think there ever will be a cure for diabetes.
> At least one that will take the medical companies out of the loop.

This is another thread that has had a lot of
discussion in the past.  You can check the archives
to see both sides of this argument.  

The basic statements to the contrary are that; 
-It would take a massive conspiracy for the medical
companies to have enough of an influence to effect a
-Most if not all research is funded by the feds and
through Universities and other non profits that are
not really concerned about the profit of Lilly, etc.
-Any researcher will find instant notoriety and
wealth with being the one that finds a cure, and
would become the next Salk, Sabin, etc. Why would
they search less than optimally?
-Any medical company that finds the cure will have
massive profit from dispensing it (supplying stem
cells, etc.).  They will all want to be the one that
funds it, although most will not directly fund it
because the feds are doing that.
-These researchers are not doing it just for money. 
Most, if not all, are also doing it for 'the greater
good' of mankind.
-Much of this research is also being done outside
the US, where they do not really care of the profit
of US companies.

I don't think a 'cure' is likely in the near future,
but I don't think it's because of any conspiracy or
because medical companies are buying off researchers
and Universities, etc.  I think it's just incredibly

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