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Re: [IP] Type confusion

kathy bruckmeyer wrote:
> I am Type I and had a horrible time of being able to get
> the pump approved via Medicare...If you take a CPeptide test and it comes
> out .5 or higher, they consider it that you are still producing insulin and
> therefore do not need the pump...

Poor logic, indeed!!!! The lower limits of "normal" may well be too low
for some people -- the lower limit of normal for any person should be
the amount of insulin needed to keep BGs in a normal range -- for
someone who's very insulin-resistant, that would be a different number
from someone who's insulin-sensitive! 
> I went through three C Peptide tests before I came up with the right number
> and I've been diab for 35 years...haven't produced insulin in all those
> years!!!

Well, a lot of Type 1's actually do produce small amounts of insulin --
which is why you don't get a 0.0 result on the C-peptide. But a thimble
won't fill the ocean, and the tiny amounts you may be producing won't
keep you alive! 

The other thing is that the C-peptide isn't all that stable -- varies
according to when you last ate, exercised, etc. -- that's why you came
up with different numbers on your tests. 
> I was told that they are the only ones who require this test in order to get
> approval.

So far as I know, that's true -- but may change :( since most insurance
companies tend to follow Medicare rules. 

Being Type Weird, I KNOW my C-peptide would be above their number, but
I'm still 12 years away from Medicare, and by then I hope they'll be
flexible enough to let me keep my pump, and/or my insulin production
will have fallen low enough by then. But it may not -- I'm really hoping
to preserve beta cell function by using insulin -- most docs think that
helps in LADA's (latent autoimmune diabetes in adults), and the docs
that I've discussed it with are pretty sure I are one. 


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