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Re: [IP] going off pump

RoseLea wrote:
> For me, control isn't the only issue with being on a pump.  Freedom is the
> main one.

For me, freedom is important, but the psychological issue of rebellion
is the most important. With shots, I would passively rebel by not taking
my shots, and yes, I would have highs, but still had strong feelings of
rebellion and disbelief. 

With the pump, if I want to rebel, I have to do it actively -- that is,
take off the pump. I haven't done that nearly as frequently as I used to
go without shots, which is a good thing, since my Type Weird is
continuing to deteriorate, and I get ickier faster these days!!!!

I still struggle with the illusion that my diabetes will go away while
I'm not looking -- not bloody likely since I'm at BMI 24.5, which isn't
even overweight, let alone obese!

Of course, I could simply not eat, since I still do have enough insulin
production to cover my basal needs when I'm not eating, but somehow I
don't think that idea would work for very long!!!!!!  <G>

Psychologically, diabetes is a tough game, but I'm gamely trying!

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