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[IP] going off pump

For me, control isn't the only issue with being on a pump.  Freedom is the 
main one.  I no longer have to adhere to a strict meal schedule as I did on 
shots.  For me, the NPH was so unpredictable and lows could happen at any 
time with no apparent reason for them.  Now, with the pump, I can pretty 
much have a good idea of what's going to happen, it's much more 
predictable.  This is not to say that occasionally lows for no reason never 
happen, because they do, but not with the frequency they did on MDI.  I can 
eat or not eat as I choose, if I count the carbs correctly (sometimes a 
challenge), I can eat whatever I want.  This is what I love most about my 
pump--the freedom.  YMMV.

RoseLea (spending the summer with Max at my side, literally)
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