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[IP] Stem Cells (long)

This is not intended to be political.  I think it is important that people
with diabetes educate themselves about all kinds of stem cell research.  Each
of us will have to answer to our own consciences about where to draw the line.
Nonetheless, we should all be educating the public about stem cell research.
I was talking to my hairdresser the other day - she had had a conversation
with someone else before, but she really did not understand the pro and cons
at all.  And it seems that most everyone has someone they love who may be
impacted by the level of commitment to stem cell research.

I realize that several short years ago, I was completely ignorant when
Congress passed the guidelines for funding stem cell research.  Did not even
know they were doing it. And I have a child with diabetes.  Since then it
appears that Congress and the President have had to go to great lengths to
educate themselves to answer some very difficult questions.  Obviously, when
people really understand the issues, they sometimes shift their positions..  I
may be naive, but I believe that the vast majority of Americans would conclude
that embryonic stem cell research is needed, at some level, if they understood
what was going on.

A year ago, this important issue was out there.  But I doubt that most
Americans even recognized that there was an important issue like stem cells to
consider.   We all need to use our influence, as has been the case lately, to
move the political process.  We still need to get as much funding as possible
for all stem cell research.  That takes relentless lobbying.  We need all the
$$ we can get for whatever kind of stem cell research.  So I hope we can all
join together and go into a lobbying frenzy for money for stem cell research,
adult, umbilical cord or embryonic, Republican or Democrat, whatever fits your
conscience, but we need money to get us to a cure (for many diseases) as fast
as possible!.

Diane Massey, mother of Lauren, 15, pumping for 3+ years
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