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[IP] cure for diabetes - President's Decison

Call me cynical, but I don't think there ever will be a cure for diabetes.
At least one that will take the medical companies out of the loop.  There is
too much money involved for there to be a complete cure.  A few years ago, I
read that 1 in 7 health care dollars in the US was spent by diabetics.  I
don't know if that number is still accurate, but it should still be close.
Considering the billions spent for health care in the US, that is a lot of

I think the best thing that we can hope for is a mechical "cure" that will
keep the medical supply companies in the loop.  An insulin pump with feed
back from a continous glucose measurement is the only cure that I think we
will ever see unless the motivation for the medical supply companies change.

That said, I support President Bush's decision. It allows funding for the
existing strains of stem cells without crossing the moral line that I see.
It has been brought up that the government should leave it up to the couples
to decide what to do with the embryos.  That is a great idea as long as I
get to choose where my tax dollars go to. And we know that will never
happen.  I personally don't want my tax dollars to support something that I
believe is morally wrong.

Brian Mozisek
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