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Re: [IP] Low doses of insulin

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels wrote:
> <<I FINALLY got a good answer to the question of why you should try to
> keep your insulin dose as low as possible: >>
> <<This doc was pretty much anti-low-carb, >>
> So, how do you take low doses of insulin without a low carb diet? just
> curious.

Well, this particular doc puts insulin-resistant Type 1's on metformin
in addition to insulin. I remember we had a discussion of this before --
metformin is NOT supposed to exacerbate lows -- but because you're a
Type 1, you can and do have them, so you just have to test and treat as
necessary. Metformin does not interfere with processing of glucose in
the blood, but only with output from the liver -- but that's what causes
rebounds anyway. 

He said he put overweight, insulin-resistant Type 1 children on
metformin too, and got good results. 

I'm not worried about insulin resistance in myself, because my insulin
doses ARE low (20 - 25u a day), but still interested in the phenomenon,
because insulin resistance and Type 1 do coexist -- you would expect
about 25% of Type 1's to be insulin resistant, just as in the general

Good luck -- I know you're struggling with this problem, and I'm posting
this only to give you food for thought and discussion with your doc, not
prescribing or saying it's any better than any other way!
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