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[IP] IP Admins-stop the Democratic National Committee diatribes

BLapier wrote:

" In Israel they have already made insulin producing cells from stem 
cells and have grown heart muscle tissue to repair hearts after a heart 
attack. This country should be that way because it founded on progressive 
ways of doing things which is anti-conservative. conservatives want to go 
backwards and probably start treating all diseases with enemas as they used 
to do and killed the patient in the process. That is how the poet Lord Byron 

These Israeli "advances" were announced one and two days before GWB's 
decision was scheduled and were entirely political in nature. They were timed 
to pressure GWB into forwarding more of our tax dollars to Israel and were 
more propaganda than fact. Now GWB has all IDDM's and heart patients against 
him at reelection time. What will the Israeli "researchers" produce next? 
Stem cells to cure breast cancer, MS, and spinal cord injuries I'll bet. What 
a farce! The wicked, wascally Republicans want us all to suffer and die so 
less money need be spent on "research" right LaPier? 

Critical thinking,  not name-calling is required to properly assess stem cell 
research. The hateful words of Blapier are those of an unhappy, implacable 
person concerned only with himself. "Bawaaah, I have diabetes and it's 
everyone else's fault.Throw more money at it and we'll all be cured and 
morality (look it up) be damned" right BLapier? That it patent nonsense, but 
is consistent with Democrat politics. I beseech the IP board admins must put 
a stop to this Bush-bashing immediately. I'd suggest the bashers take their 
tax refund and invest in the stocks of companies that conduct honest 
research. Don''t ask those of us that object to Frankensteinian work on the 
unborn to contribute our tax dollars to the continuance of it. Dollars sent 
to D.C. are dollars wasted. On the other hand, investing in publically-held 
companies is something that Democrats detest. Rather, they put all their 
faith in government. Admittedly however, Washington can often manage their 
affairs better than they're able to.   

Proud to be a troglodyte Conservative,
Gil Linkswiler
46 years T1, MM508 5/2000        
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