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[IP] RE: President Bush's decision

Service is service. The Air Guard is a sort of reserve unit. There are lots
of those, and they do get called up in times of war.
My hubby is a submariner (Boomers and Tridents) and got a National Defense
Medal for the Gulf War, even though he wasn't there, nor even remotely close
to the action. It's because he was on active duty and patrolling our shores
at the time. Still valid military service, even though he wasn't actually
there (didn't need to be there anyway because the missiles and torpedos they
use can be launched from thousands of miles away).
I think you're right about this starting to get too political. :) This stem
cell issue reminds me of something I was told often as a child, "Take what
you get or go without" and "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". It's a
start. At least he compromised and tried to give both sides *something* (he
didn't have to do *anything* - he was originally completely opposed to it).
I don't think he did it for re-election purposes. Seems like if that were
his reason he would've made this as part of his original election campaign
to assure more votes, since this is obviously a hot topic. I think the
restrictions have more to do with keeping things from getting out of control
("where do you draw the line" sort of Orwellian thing). If you don't draw
the line somewhere then we are all in potential danger (ie when are you not
considered a person...then what's next?). JMHPO. I am just happy that
*something* is being allowed right now. I'll take it. Maybe, just maybe, it
will lead to a cure. And if not, then next election, the voters can bring in
someone else who will allow more to be done.

I don't want to argue sides or anything, just trying to make a point.

Take care, Kerri
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Jack said:
Another dm'er for Gore, as he was the ONLY one who
actually served in Viet Nam and not some Air Guard
unit that had no chance to leave Texas, much less go
to 'Nam (thanks to the help of daddy).

Oh oh, this may be getting a little too political!
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