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[IP] Re: Statistics on Pump Users

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email @ redacted writes:

<< Minimed stated in one of their recent quarterly reports that less than 2% 
 pump patients go back to injections.
 - ---------------------------------------------------------- >>

The Minimed sales rep gave a pump presentation to the Parent Support group in 
our town.  This place is quite conservative and not many would push their 
doctors on anything, no doctors in town are recommending pumps for kids, but 
none are paed. endos either.  Anyhow, I had been quite excited talking to the 
other parents about Claire starting on a pump, but one Mum was very vocal in 
saying how they were awful, etc.  She had known one teenager who hated it.  
So this Mum asked the MM rep about it and her figures were that she had sold 
over 100 pumps for kids in our region and only two had gone off the pump.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, who is very happy that I only have to drive 70 
miles to our Endo and not any further--I would have gone to the ends of the 
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